Die Blocks

GRC Tooling is a company that specialises in die block designing and manufacture for aluminium fabricators. For those customers that require die blocks made to order using their specifications, GRC Tooling’s manufacturing facilities offer almost unlimited scope in design.



  • Each Die block is especially designed for the customer
  • All ports are arranged on the block to make it more convenient for fabricators to operate. Safety guards ensure safe operation
  • Each port of GRC Tooling Die Blocks have a unique section number, which makes it very easy for fabricator to match the aluminium section and orientation for insertion
  • The most advanced feature of GRC Tooling Die Blocks is the way the ports are easily replaced. Every Die Block part is atamped with a unique code. Just simply call GRC Tooling to get a replacement part

Three easy steps to change the part:

  1. Every component is locked on the die plate with a screw, so just undo the screw and take the broken component off
  2. Call GRC Tooling to get a new component delivered
  3. Replace the new component